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What are Steroids? Are steroids worth taking? Steroid may take you up with hope or bring you down with dope!

Some believes steroids are impervious and striking. While others have a view that they cause enduring bruise and can even be cannibalistic. To clear this out. let us understand steroids in a better way.

What are steroids?

By steroids, we exactly mean “anabolic steroids” a human-made phenomenon having much the same upshot as testosterone in the body, along with enlarged muscles, tightness and recovery, which fundamentally results in increased protein synthesis rate and reduction in protein degradation rate.

Some popular steroids are Stanozolol, Nandrolone and Boldenone etc.

Effects of steroids

Robustness and curved shape has always been wondered at, but steroids by no means an absolute necessity to it. You can constitute a good shape without them. To know how read our success stories in upcoming blogs.

No doubt, steroids existence is must in competitive bodybuilding. You cannot have venerated exalting physique without them.


Before learning their positive effects. Let us know, how steroids work. Steroids are either natural or synthetic compounds that help regulate various bodily functions.

Undeniable results from steroids :

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Tissue Repair
  • Endurance
  • Fat loss
  • Inches on the biceps easily
  • Increased physical performance in all sports,etc.


The side effects that steroids have on the body are many and can cause some serious events.

Some of them are :

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Feeling of euphoria etc
  • Acne
  • Long term use of steroids can damage the eyes
  • Baldness
  • Serious cardiovascular events
  • Decrease ability of liver to clear waste products
  • Long term use can cause lack of erection and impotency after the steroid cessation.

Present scenario of steroids

Many see steroids as a tool to speed up the process of achieving their ideal body type. And of course, nowadays its a trend of having bulky body for which they presume steroids as an ultimate way to enhance their build. Some of them are influenced from their friends, some are suggested by their trainers and some needs it to impress the opposite gender etc. Reasons can be many. But such consumption does not always gives you the good result. There are ample number of cases from round the world where bodybuilder consuming steroids attains death at an early age. I have my clients discussing their stories some such cases are shared here (names are not disclosed from privacy point of view)

CASE 1: One of my client admits he used steroids. He says the lows, including low sex drive and depression which come with taking testosterone. He told us that how damaging the experience actually was.

CASE 2: Though the case was not reported. Recently, in bhilwara, a young boy died, during its training session, because of sudden cardiac arrest (reason being steroids intake). The fact that anabolic steroids are finding their way into gyms, building muscles gradually became a greater goal than strength and power.

CASE 3: One of the Akhada wrestler, who came up to me when he was under recovery from a tumor over his butt (result of steroid injection). He was suggested to take steroids for better orientation. He used to inject steroids through injection over his butt, where he had developed a tumor after sometime. He has undergone the surgery, 2 months back, for its treatment and is still under recovery.

Dear readers, Remember ‘to get on gear’ is to forget it, there is no quick fix and its not worth it. Keep in mind that steroids ain’t for everyone, just work on basics, hard work and nutrition is the key.

Anabolic steroid use is illegal and banned by professional sports organizations and medical associations. So in my opinion, until and unless you are not a professional bodybuilder avoid the use of steroids. To know how you can have massive buildup without steroids stay connected with us.