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Should I Wear Langot / Jockstrap While Working Out in Gym ?

Do you really believe in a very old custom of wearing a jockstrap/langot during any kind of workout?

I am being highly asked this question whether it’s safe to workout without wearing a jockstrap or not?

The answer is “NO“, you really do not need to wear it while you workout. As a matter of fact, wearing a tight jockstrap can harm your testicles. You might believe that it’s worn as a protection from hernia, but irony is, a tight jockstrap can lead to hernia. Such problems like hernia can be avoided by working on your core strengthening. The basic idea in past, of wearing a jockstrap during workouts was just for protection of one’s genitalia. But the truth is, it’s applicable only to some sports. Where the chances of getting injured are very high and jockstrap becomes an essential sport gear then. For eg: wrestlers in India tend to wear ‘langot’ for the protection of one’s genitalia. And so, like in other sports, where chances of injuries are extreme, a jockstrap is essential. A normal brief can fulfill the requirement of prevention of excess motion down there. Hence, to all my clients and fellow trainers who keep on asking this, I would say a clear no to this uncomfortable gym supporter aka jockstrap.