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Top Ten Nutrition & Exercise Mistakes Made By Active People

nutrition and-exercise mistakes

Though active people typically pay close attention to their fitness regimen – proper cardiovascular workout, strength training and stretching – they may be making crucial mistakes in their diet. Not putting the right nutrients in your body could ultimately affect the overall fitness benefits of an active lifestyle. To stress the importance of proper nutrition B2 Zone shares the following nutrition mistakes commonly made by active people.

10 mistakes made by women who want to get “fit”:

  1. Eat only 2 times a day.
  2. Lift high reps, low weights.
  3. Do more cardio than weights.
  4. Overestimate their muscle size.
  5. Underestimate how much fat to get rid off before you see the muscles.
  6. Diet to get shredded too soon without having any muscle to reveal.
  7. have no patience and get bored after a few weeks.
  8. Always do only abs exercises & worrying about becoming too bulky from training hard.
  9. occupying themselves with looking cute so they cannot even break a sweat in case a hunk shows up.
  10. Scared to scare away the “men” by getting buff.

10 mistakes made by men who want to get Buff:

  1. Forgetting squats and deadlifts: results in toothpick legs
  2. Make an excuse for not working legs. Always some pretended knee injuries. Knee injury doesn’t mean no leg training. Also, most knee “injuries” are just imbalances or tightness.
  3. Inconsistent nutrition intake.
  4. Lift heavy weights always , with incorrect forms.
  5. Assuming muscle will just grow like weed just because you lift a weight ten times.
  6. Binge drinking friday-sunday, eating nachos and restarting each monday.
  7. Sitting around talking to friends at gym and do 1 set and rest for 10 times.
  8. Forgetting that just because you’re a man you still need to train hard to get beyond newbie buff level.
  9. Obeys their girlfriends who say ‘you’re always at the gym, you don’t appreciate me, you should stay home and watch a movie with me” every damn day.
  10. Listens to girlfriends who says you shouldn’t get more muscular. The reason she says it is your built makes her feel fat.