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Top Indian whey protein with good quality and affordability.

In our recent blog we have told you the basic major difference between mass gainer and whey protein.

And which one is supposed to be the best in the long run.

Next question which comes to your mind is regarding the genuinity of the product. Nowadays, You just cannot blindly trust over any product. In the world of duplicacy, one should be very careful while choosing the product for the health. And the same cannot be build over imported products, there are lots of drawbacks in importing a health product. This is the basic reason why people chooses Indian Supplements over the Imported ones.

Indian Supplements are the most affordable and reliable products. There are less chance of duplicacy and mixing in the Indian products, this norm has been noticed from the reviews of various Indian brands. Moreover, Indian brands provide you variety of after services like customer helpline number which gives customer a feeling of satisfaction. In addition to this, Indian brands employ direct agents to promote and sell their products, no inte

Now we are up here to suggest you the top (as per my opinion ) Indian Whey proteins giving you the desired results.

1. Six Pack Nutrition :




It is a highest quality whey protein , which is concentrate in nature and fast absorbing whey protein Isolate. It provides highest protein content and with minimum fat and carbohydrates. It is available in four great flavors.


2. Absolute Nutrition :

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Absolute nutrition follow holistic approach, its whey protein is enriched with high quality raw whey protein. It is an international make which makes us a premium brand.

3. Big Muscle Nutrition : 

It is a complete protein comprises of all essential nutrition and amino acids. It is really helpful for vegetarians as there protein intake is comparatively low.

4. British Nutrition :

It is a proprietary blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. It helps building lean and strong muscles. It is good in taste and its a value for money based product.

5. Venky’s :

It is the best way to power your muscles gain. It is a rich source of BCAA and Glutamine acid improves muscles and decrease recovery time. It aids in maximum utilisation and absorption and most importantly it is completely for vegetarians.

This was our suggested best brands to you .. We would love to hear from your side,your choice of protein. Do not forget to share your experience with these products and mention your best choice.

Stay Tuned! Stay Healthy and Aware !!!

142 thoughts on “Top Indian whey protein with good quality and affordability.

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  64. […] our previous blogs,  we have gained much knowledge regarding proteins, the best one for you. Why Indian proteins are […]


    Top Indian whey protein with good quality and affordability. –

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