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Things to Consider Before Joining Gym: What Orthopedist Says! Interview with Dr. Vishal Gupta (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)


Gyms were a different scenario a few years back. They were attraction for the youth who were into bodybuilding and aged between 20-35 years. But now, after the evolution of these fancy health clubs, people of different ages have shown interest in joining gyms. People from the age of 20 to as old as 60 years are into fitness. And during such age, that is after 40 years, we start to experience different kinds of pains and stress in our bodies.

Therefore, we should consider a few things before joining gym. Consulting a Doctor is not at all a bad suggestion.
If we are joining gym for the first time, many factors related to our health should be taken in view.
I, along with Dr Vishal Gupta, a well known orthopedist of the town, have tried to answer a few common questions one might put before getting into any gym. As gyms have certified trainers now, Doctors suggest their patients to go for gyming to achieve fitness. Here I have asked Dr Gupta a few common problems my clients face in gym and he have tried his best to help my clients out.

1. Should I stop working out the moment I start feeling knees pain or any kind of pain? And if not, then what kind of exercises should I avoid?

Ans: As quoted by Dr. Gupta, “One should never just stop working out completely one experiences knee pain. However, if there is pain below medial joint line, or if tenderness occurs, then a few exercises could be avoided. Those exercises should be the ones which exerts pressure on such joint line. Such as, squats, lunges should be avoided. Dr. Gupta also said, if you are overweight, you should definitely avoid high impact exercises, which are running, jumping-jacks, stepper and high-knee.

2. Is regular cardio or aerobics advisable if I’m in my 30’s?

Ans: Here, what Dr says is, for an athlete or runner, if they are running for a long time, their cartilages develop in such a manner that they do not face any kind of joint pains even after lot of cardio. Their skeletal system develops according to their daily workout routine and which is from an early age. But, at the age of 30 or more, regular cardio is not advisable. It might cause you knee pain and can be responsible for the development of early arthritis and hence can be performed twice or thrice a week. Exercises such as aerobics, cardio, running, dancing, either of them should be inculcated twice or thrice a week and not on regular basis. For the rest of the week, strength/resistance/weight/cross training can be opted, Dr Gupta suggested.

3. If I have had any fracture or if I m on rods, strength training is right for me?

Ans: As an orthopedist, this is the most common question asked, says Dr. Gupta. What he believes is, in such case, there is never a complete NO to workout for ever. It just depends on the period such fracture have occurred. Complete time should be taken for recovery which is at least 2 months for any major fracture. After that, one should go for physiotherapy before going for workout or strength training. Besides these, consulting your orthopedist is always advisable before choosing any kind of exercise chart. Also, I would like to share a personal experience here. I have been through this and have faced tibia and fibula fracture. But, that didn’t stop me from working out. And after 45 days of rest, I began working out again. As a trainer, rest of 45 days was feasible to try my hand on weights again. But, as advised by Dr. Gupta, rest of 2 months should be taken before taking sessions again. And, such things should not be taken as an excuse and it shouldn’t stop you from going to gym.

4. If I m aged 40 or more, strength training can cause joints pain to me?

Ans: First of all, I would like to say that if you are in your 40’s and if you possess that body type and that interest in strength training, age is no bar! quoted Dr. Gupta. But such training should always be performed under the supervision of knowledgeable trainers. Because strength training provide support over joints and strengthen your muscles. So even at that age, I advise my clients to go to gyms and try strength training.

5. What should we keep in mind when it comes to nutrition while taking care of bone health?

Ans: For a gym goer, bone health is the utmost priority. Be it weight lifting, cardio, strength training or any other form of workout, bone health is to be taken care of the most. Because, bones provide overall strength to the body. And as we grow older, nutrition plays major role here. Calcium is most essential in building bones stronger, as we have been taught always. And it can be obtained from various dairy products. So, one such essential nutrients is dairy products. For the once who are lactose intolerant, can consume fenugreek and banana to fulfil their calcium need. Besides these, one can also consume supplements such as Multivitamins & minerals, Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, Glucosamine and Collagen peptides suggested Dr Gupta.
He also says that this is just the basic information and not a complete follow up. Every workout and diet varies from person to person and concerning your trusted orthopedist is advisable, always.

I hope you must be satisfied with the answers given by Dr Gupta and you would inculcate the same while your workout sessions. (after concerning with your Dr or trainer).

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section or you can post in our discussion forum and we will try to answer that in our next blog.

36 thoughts on “Things to Consider Before Joining Gym: What Orthopedist Says! Interview with Dr. Vishal Gupta (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)

  1. Bt prem sir besides doing regular excercises a perticular ” tuk” sound has been produced from my every joint , is it dangerous becoz of my week bones or else less lubrication problem , does it harms in the future , how to get redime. Suggest plz

    1. Hello Bhuvesh Nathrani sir, you don’t worry about cracking or popping untill it isn’t associated with pain or swelling.
      As we age, the tissue that covers the bones, called cartilage, can develop uneven areas. When we squat or stand, sounds come from these rougher surfaces gliding across each other. It could also be the ligaments. So that might be the reason why your healthy knees making noises. ? Dont worry , train hard ?

  2. I think gym is like school the more regular you go, the more your report card shines..Same in gym, the more regular we do, the more fitter we get.
    Thats how it works. Place(gym) doesn’t matter but your NIYAT(will) does

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