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How to Reduce Fat From Face How to Get Rid of Facial Fat & Get a Toned and Slim Face

how to reduce fat from face

A person’s face is something he is born with. your face is where your emotions are shown. one’s face reflects one’s personality. however, types of faces vary from person to person. some people have slim face while some are born with chubby cheeks. Chubby  cheeks  are  attractive only when  you  were  a baby. As  you  grow  up, you  desire  for a sleek , toned face muscles  and  bloat free face . A toned  face is not only  looks good on the outside  but that’s make you much more sexy & attractive, that  is pretty enough to boost your  confidence on  the  inside!

There could be many reasons behind facial fat but the common ones are – dehydration, excess fat, carbs, sugar, salt and alcohol.

It is said , when it comes to weight reduction, face is the first to shed off. And while weight gain, face is the first to puff up. But constant facial exercises can help you maintain that toned face which you have earned out of hard work!

It’s nearly impossible to reduce fat from any particular body part. This is known as ‘Spot-Fat Reduction’. Spot-fat Reduction is a myth! But a few changes in your lifestyle can help you tone your face muscles.

Inculcate the following changes in your diet:


Drinking plenty of water has number of benefits to the body. And so, it is helpful in the reduction of face fat. Drinking water will throw out toxins off your body and help you get bloat-free face. To know more about benefit of drinking water, read my previous blog…


Cutting out fat completely is not going to help you in any fat reduction. In turn, it will leave your face with wrinkles, dark circles and dullness. Good fats such as Almonds, Peanuts, Olive-oil and Omega-3 should always be included in our diets.


Alcohol is known as the unnecessary fat giver. It gives extra and useless calories to the body which results in bloated face. 1 ml of alcohol gives 7 calories to the body. If you know Alcohol stays in the body as un-metabolised fat, that’s why this cause weight gain your all over your body. Therefore, saying no to alcohol will definitely reduce the body’s fat content.


Body-weight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups are forms of strength training which works on many more muscles of your body.

Strength exercise should be performed at least 5-days a week. This will help you to raise your T- level and increase the metabolic rate & will help in burning more fat.

  • Reduce Sugar and Salt intake:

    Try to cut off sugar and white salt from your daily routine. Because sugar gives you unnecessary fat.
    Salt causes your body to hold a large amount of water. Cutting salt intake will help you to keep water retention at bay.After following such changes in diet , a few exercises can be performed to tone the cheekbone. They can be the following:

  • The Fish Face Move:

    This can be performed at any time of day. Squeeze in your cheeks making a fish face and try to smile. You will feel the fat burnt on your cheeks. Repeat this 5 times for 15 seconds each.

  • Lip Pull:

    Stand in natural position . Push your jaw out and your lower lip as high on your face as possible. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat This a few times a day. You will feel the stretch underneath your chin muscles.

  • Chewing sugar-free gums:

    Chewing sugar-free gums is a well used exercise and have been experimented by many. Chewing gums twice a day for 20 mins each can tone up the face muscles really well.

  • Looking up at the ceiling posture:

    Stretch out your lips in a ‘O’ position and look towards the ceiling and hold the posture for 15 seconds. This will help you reduce your double chin up to great extent.

I can’t guarantee if you will get the cheekbone structure of Jaquelin fernandez or the jawline definition of Hritik Roshan in 30 days. As I said ‘spot-fat reduction’ is a myth. What I can promise you that if you will follow these guidelines, you will definitely add more definition to your cheeks and jawline.
Take care and feel free to write your comments here.