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How Creatine Fuels The Workout

How Creatine Fuels The Workout

Before explaining how Creatine works, let me first start with the basic of creatine.
As in, what creatine is actually?

To start with, Creatine is NATURAL SUBSTANCE (Reason for highlighting Natural Substance is because it is not manufactured in lab, it is 100% natural), produced in human body and found in meat such as fish and red meat. It is just combination of three forms of amino acids, that is, Glycine, Arginine and Methionine. Creatine fuels our body tissues during exercise and strengthens muscular contractions.

Does Creatine Helps power up today’s workout or next day’s workout of another muscle?

Normally, I suggest my clients to take creatine after workout. Because the best time to consume creatine monohydrate is when muscles are more sensitive to insulin and are expected to maximally uptake glucose and creatine. The best time for maximal creatine absorption is therefore, POST-WORKOUT when the muscles are totally depleted of glycogen and is PRIMED for Glucose and Creatine uptake in quick response to insulin.

Few days back one of my client ‘Anand Saraswat’ asked me- “how does creatine power up the workout if it is taken after the workout?”

I think many of you have also heard this question earlier. The answer to the question is that taking creatine after particular workout neither fuels that particular day’s workout nor it affects the next day’s workout of a different muscles group.

For Example – After today’s back workout when your back muscles enter the glycogen-depleted back muscles, creatine supplement taken after work out would be stored in the back muscles and would power up back muscles that would result in high energy and greater strength during next Back workout. I hope you guys are getting my point. And yes, another important thing that I would like to mention here is- “Creatine monohydrate is highly unstable in water, if pre-mixed and kept in water for some time; it easily gets converted into creatinine, the breakdown product of creatine, resulting in our body rendering the supplement as waste. It has to be mixed JUST BEFORE CONSUMPTION.”