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An Honest Review About Herbalife Nutrition Do not buy before you read this article

Few months ago when I was scrolling my Facebook timeline, I was shocked to see a post from one of my clients that was – ‘Lose weight now, ask me how.’ Then I noticed that his profile name has been changed from ‘xyz’ to ‘Fitness coach xyz.’ I thought how could it be possible if someone become Fitness expert in just a few days. Yes, he was a Herbalife Distributor and here  I am talking about ‘Herbalife Nutrition’

While Herbalife may be an effective NUTRITION tool, few people are getting results from that and few are not. A bunch of people have satisfactory results while many clients come to me and ask “I am taking weight loss shake, but still not receiving expected output.”

Many queries asked by clients includes:

  • Is Herbalife effective or not?
  • Are Herbalife products good for health?
  • Does Herbalife really help to lose weight?
  • Are Herbalife products safe or not?

I am not at all criticising Herbalife products. All I am talking about is their policies and the way they try to sale their product.

May be some of my visitors her belong from the cult of Herbalife. So please forgive me for what I am going to expose ahead. This is completely my opinion. You will definitely get my point after reading the full article. So here are some points why the Team Herbalife disappointed me Everytime.

1. It is just a Meal Replacement shake not weight loss shake

They always tell you that this is a weight loss shake. No it’s not, trust me it’s not. It’s a Meal Replacement shake. Even many of the distributor don’t know what formula it is exactly.. For example if you are taking it in morning , you don’t need to take breakfast then. A Meal Replacement is a substitute for a solid food meal, usually with controlled calories and sufficient nutrients which will help you to balance your calorie intake and reduce weight. But after taking the shake if you are unable to control your whole day calorie intake you will get no results with this. Guys I repeat this is not a weight loss shake, it’s just a Meal Replacement.

2. Their enough already MLM policies

If you are a Herbalife user already , you may know very well about their sales policy. Raise your hand how many of you guys have listened the line – “mere Senior ne recently Jaguar le li Herbalife income se.” Or “mere Senior every year ek foreign trip Kar Rahe hai company ki taraf se.” Haha sorry but these are also their tagline. If you have completed 2-3 weeks of using their product, they will start convincing you to become a seller in their downline like other MLM companies do. Yes, I experienced that.

3. Pretended Fitness Expert 404

Let me tell you an incident first- one of my casual friends was doing the Herbalife Business. That time I was planning to make a batch of “Certification in Nutrition” in affiliation with an organization. So I said him to register that Certification course, it will help you to give proper counseling and diet plans to your clients. But he was like – our seniors don’t allow us to participate in such Certification courses. That sentence blew my mind. When you are in any profession it is ethical to learn more, experience more & gain more knowledge every day.

Guys I am telling you the truth is this company educates enough to their distributors as much as they can sell their products. But I must say that they have done Masters In looting People In India Especially In Rajasthan.

4. Fully padded money minded

These so called nutritionist have not gained expertise in the nutrition range. They just tend to be one after they get associated with the brand for the motive of earning money at the cost of people’s health. Their after selling product follow up just ends when the jar gets sold and they don’t tend to look into the results people get after weight loss program. This doesn’t end here, you aren’t given diet counselling when you don’t buy the jar. That reflects the money making scheme of these people.

5. Too much cost with many negative effects

Yes it will not be wrong if I say the company is looting you. Dont just listen to me , let’s talk on facts because may be their fitness coach don’t have any knowledge about their products but I Read more about the products and nutrition facts.

Formula 1 shake has a 25% soy base and has 9 gm protein only. It has soy, high sugars, high sodium and low protein. Which are  not the best choice for my readers and clients. Many studies have showed and warned people about the possible danger of using soy products. Soy can cause different health problems such as: brain damage, breast cancer, pregnancy complications, kidney stones and more. I bet you guys have never noticed about that fact & these Fitness Gurus aren’t going to tell you anything . You can Google and read more about regular soy uses.

In short you are not a Herbalife user anymore, you become a victim.

So guys For a similar price or may be in cheaper you can get something much better in the supplement market. All you need to do is consult with your trainer or professionals.

There are better ways to lose weight and you should not sacrifice your health to accomplish that. There are healthier options, starting with eating real, unrefined food grown locally, organically and sustainably & exercises regularly. If you would like a healthy nutrition program, I highly suggest starting with complete workout plan.

You can’t expect to change just by eating tablets or shakes which herbalife recommends, If your eating habits are that which cause your weight to increase, then you must change those eating habits. Herbalife is created to make lots of money and that is ok. It’s up to you to  Invest your money on right Supplement wisely.

I hope if you have any queries you can write your feedback or ask any queries on my blog or our discuss forum.