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Girls Out There – It’s Your Time to Have Shredded Body! Break The STEREOTYPE

You hear it time and again, that bodybuilding has always been a male dominated arena , this is just because people are not quite used to see a woman bodybuilder . Shattering stereotypes and breaking body shaming notion, here we are  up with top 5 fab fitness lady trainers, who are beautiful and gives you major fitness goals.

Bani J.

An Indian fitness model, actress and MTV India presenter, better known as VJ Bani or Bani j. Her real name is Gurbani Judge. Bani J has super sculpted body, which is a source of inspiration for many. She recommends to select a particular diet according to your body goal and make exercise and gym as important part of your lifestyle.

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Deepika Chowdhury

Deepika Chowdhury, 32 year old from Pune, part of Team Bombshell, won the international competitions in figure athlete. She is a molecular biologist who has become India’s first pro female body- builder. She further adds in her belief that Indian women are the most hardworking in the world, success in sport is a natural progression.

Yashmeen Manak Chauhan

An entrepreneur, fitness instructor, and a biker is a multitasker. She has various notable achievements few of them are, Gladrags Mrs. India 2005 “Best Body Award”, 1st runner up at the Body power India Expo ‘Fit Factor’, 2015. She owns a gym “sculpt” in Gurgaon, Haryana. She is also India’s 1st Neulife Cellucor sponsored athlete. On the point of motivation, she says “If you want something really bad enough and you are passionate about it, motivation comes naturally”.

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Shweta Rathore

She is an International physique Athlete. She is the first female from India who won the medal in world championship. Jaipur’s Shweta Rathore has put Indian women’s body-building on the world map. Presently, she is big muscle athlete; her spirit will motivate women to break the societal construct of “gender roles”

Shweta Mehta

A software engineer turned fitness/bikini athlete and a winner of MTV Roadies (season 15). She believes in consistency. Shweta Mehta , a small town girl from fatehabad , after getting into fitness sector , it took her just 3 years to have chiselled body. The tattoo lover puts her heart in everything she does, no matter if it hurts, continue.

If you are still one of that girl who thinks strength training is something not your cup of tea. WAKE UP! BREAK THE STEREOTYPE. Build yourself!! BE enthusiastic!! GO WORKOUT.

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