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Fitness Model Photoshopped Her Own Picture?

It is completely fine not to have abs and look lean because fitness is something u can’t photoshop. Fitness star nowadays post photos on social media which are the pure work of photoshop. Recently, Shruti kerni, a professional sponsored athlete and a fitness model, posted a photo on instagram faking her abs. which is later on exposed by Exposing Fitness named account. just have the look:


Later on, when caught, shruti kerni posted a video discussing about account being hacked. go check out the video –

This is just one recent case. We don’t know whether truth has been revealed or not. But Nowadays social media is a platform for such news and people under pressure always tend to show off their best version to the public which often make them forget that fitness can’t be fake…

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7 thoughts on “Fitness Model Photoshopped Her Own Picture?

  1. I don’t think she will post this kind of stuff by her self…once you get that level of fitness and achieve something then you don’t required anything like Photoshop.
    Its clearly that she is framed into all this..for me she is my fav. Fitness model.

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