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Exercising When Sick-Is It A Good Move?

Exercising When Sick-Is It A Good Move?

Should you sweat it out when you are ill or should you rest and recover?

You have been great at gym and haven’t missed out a day since you started no matter how hard it was. And then one day, suddenly your workout schedule is interrupted by a cold or flu. Now what should you do? Should you skip the workout for a day or two? Or should you continue? I can understand the need to push yourself when it’s the laziness that is preventing you from going to gym, but there are reasons that are beyond our control… and I guess you all know ‘the reason’ I am talking about. There are times when exercising does more harm to you than good.
Well, the answer to the question whether to attend or not gym during illness lies in what ails you. For instance, if you are suffering from cold than it might be OK, but if it is fever, it is a definite NO.

When you work-out during fever it increases your body temperature internally, it increases the risk of you getting sicker. Also, our bodies are more prone to infections during and after workout, so you yourself might get in contact with some infections or you might infect someone in the gym who is not yet ill. And since, Flu and cold are contagious the first five to seven days, I would suggest you to stay at home and take rest.


On the other hand, if you are suffering from cold, nasal congestion, sore throat or may be sneezing than it’s OK to exercise. A neck check is a way to decide your level of activity during illness. If your symptoms of illness are above neck like sneezing, runny nose, it is fine with you exercising but if it is below neck as fever, body aches, coughing, then it’s time to stay back at home and rest.

And yeah, one more thing I would like to add up, even if you decide to workout in illness, please make sure you are not constantly blowing your nose. And you must carry your towel and try to sneeze and cough using that, so that the germs do not spread. And try to wipe out the surfaces you have come in contact with to prevent the germs from spreading.

Again I would say, Listen to your body, cold might last a week to 10 days or it might take more than that. Depending on the severity of you illness, decide on whether you should exercise or not. If you really want to exercise during illness, I would rather suggest you to exercise at home only or you might just take a walk.

If you have any questions, concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email.

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