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Does Creatine Loading Really Helps? Right Guidance On Creatine Loading Dosage

Creatine loading is basically increasing the level of creatine in body. Our body produces 1 gm of creatine which is not sufficient to meet the overall creatine need. So, to increase that, one has to look for a creatine supplement. Loading phase saturate the muscles with increased creatine level.

There are basically two methods of consuming creatine

Method 1: The Creatine loading dosage (is 20gm of creatine per day for 5 days only) to be taken at intervals (5gm each 4 times a day) and then maintenance phase (3-5 gm per day) is required to fill the gaps, which begins after loading phase i. e. from 6th day.

Method 2: Start taking 3-5 gm Creatine from Day 1.

I have many clients who consumes or had consumed creatine at some point of time. What they experienced was, creatine loading was not making much of a difference and it was equivalent to the maintenance phase (3-5gm of creatine per day) .

Some people like to go with the Loading phase and some do not.

But, in my opinion, I would like to share my pictures with effect of creatine over different periods of time. I always get superb results in every attempt of Creatine loading. It depends on person and different body types whether creatine loading is necessary or not.

What I personally feel is creatine loading does make a difference as you can see in picture attached. But after 5 days of loading, no need to take more than 5 gms daily.

Hopefully this article cleared up your doubt regarding Creatine Loading. There are different results of Creatine on different bodies. So all you have to do is listen to your body. Creatine is worthwhile Supplement to include in your supplement list.

This is purely an experienced shared. Do not Inculcate this for medicinal purpose. And concerning an expert is always advisable.