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How to Do Archer Push Ups

ancher pushup

Archer Push-up is a good move to learn the ‘Single Arm Push-up’.
If you are trying to perform ‘One arm Push-up’ than go for the “Archer Push-up” first.

How to perform:-

  • Start with a Push up position but make your arms wider than that.
  • Lower yourself & bend into one side of your push up.
  • Push up back to return in starting position.
  • Alternate sides and Repeat.
  • Your ‘Off Arm’ should remain straight for the entire movement.

Make it Harder:-

Try to do it with lift one/two/three fingers of your ‘Off Arm’ off the floor with each fingers you lift, the ‘Working Arm’ will take more load.

“Archer Push-up” we can say it’s a self assisted version of ‘Single Arm Push-up’.

Watch the Archer Push up video to get the form & see the exercise in motion.