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Anil Shotriya’s Incredible 53 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Anil shotriya B2Zone

We all have somewhere in our life come across the famous proverb “Where there is a will, there is a way“. The proverb simply means that if you are determined towards something you will surely find a way to accomplish it. The same applies to fitness and health. So, here I am with a motivational story of one of my client Dr. Anil Shotriya who found his way to achieve his aim to be fit and healthy.

A lecturer by profession, Anil Shotriya, realized in the summer of 2014 that he has become bulky and he needs to get this in check. Dr. Anil not only had high Blood pressure issues but also had Knee problems.
He realized that if he does not take some steps in order to get his body in shape he might get susceptible to more diseases in near future. It was then only he decided to join a fitness club to get himself in shape. After some research and visits to local Gyms in town, he finally joined “B2 Zone“. Like everyone else, he had his own doubts about joining the gym which, I tried at my best to clear for him.

While joining the gym in July’14, 48 year old Anil’s weight was 220lb (100 Kg) whereas the ideal weight for a person of his height 173cm (5.8 inches) is somewhere around 155 pounds (70 Kg). And after 10 dedicated months of hard work he lost an astonishing 53lb (24 Kg).


Anil Ahotriya 2014 before Joining B2Zone



Anil shotriya 2015 after Joining B2Zone

As quoted by Dr. Anil

Before the transformation, I wasn’t able to catch the morning bus to college if it didn’t stopped at the right spot (as in if it stopped a little ahead of where I used to stand). I would wait for another bus to come by and then boarded on it. But now I could even catch a running bus leave alone walking small distance to catch bus.

Due to his consistency and commitment Dr. Anil lost a whooping 15lb (7 Kg) in the first two months of joining and at the end of the tenth month he had already lost 54lb (24 Kg). He has been a source of inspiration and motivation to rest of the members of our Gym.

By joining the gym Dr. Anil already took the first step towards healthy life. And as I always say, right nutrition is the key to perfect body shape and healthy life. Dr. Anil focused on his diet and nutrition. He started working on diet plan as provided by B2 Zone and also took necessary Proteins and vitamin supplements. He never had cheat meals except on Sundays. On cheat days also, he used to have a check on his carbohydrates intake.

As I have already mentioned, initially he had high Blood pressure, by the end of November 2014, he stopped taking medication for the same as he no longer had the High Blood pressure issues. Also Dr. Anil had less pain in his knees which ultimately dissipated.

Once he mentioned “I wasn’t able to stand for long in the bus, people used to get up and give me their seats so that I could sit, but now I do not face any such trouble. In fact, I am fine with providing my seat to those who need to sit.”

Today Dr. Anil is in best shape of his life and he simply endures it. He is happy, confident and is a positive influence to rest of the fitness lovers and people in his surroundings. One thing I admire about Dr. Anil is his dedication and commitment towards the workout. It is an easy task to make excuses but one really has to go an extra mile to get a positive outcome and be able to influence others.

At the end, I would just say that “Nothing is impossible“, as the word itself says “I M POSSIBLE“. If he can do it, you can do it. You just need to buckle up your shoes and commit yourself towards getting fit.

If you have any questions, concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email at [email protected].

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