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85 Fitness Words You Should Know – Basic Gym and Excercise Terminology Gym terminologies you need to know to feel like a full fledged gym citizen

As you all know, B2 Zone organised an uncommon and exceptional workshop,  “Gym Lingos”, on Sunday, 26th March’17. The workshop was conducted by the Founder – Director of Magnum Opus, a language and communication skill training centre, Shikha Vinayak – a young educator, who has been giving a talk on language for 6 years and with her dynamics instils the love for learning amongst the students. The lady with a substantive industry experience in language, developed a unique blended highlights in various genres of gym, that gives not only a trainee but a trainer also a truly customised and multi-modal learning experience.
Gym Lingos” – the language or the terminologies we use at gym which make us feel like full fledged gym citizens. The event was attended by not only gym-goers but many students and trainers as well who were keen to learn the gym language.  It was an informative workshop consisting of all the key terms one can use at the gym. The 2 hours session was brimmed over with zeal and zest throughout as it insisted on enlightening not only theoretical, but a practical approach on the subject . We always try to bring something new to you. So it was another something held for First Time in Bhilwara. For those who attended and even those who couldn’t make it to the event, we here bring you a brief glance of the session underneath :

Body Goals

1. Cut
2. Fit
3. Shredded
4. Jacked
5. Ripped
6. 6 pack abs
7. Athlete
8. Muscular


1. Reps
2. Sets
3. Compound Exercises
4. Isolation Exercises
5. Supinate
6. Pronate
7. Supine
8. Prone
9. Drop set
10. Pyramid Set
11. Superset
12. Giant Set
13. Workout Split
14. Rack
15. Forced Reps
16. Bulking
17. Golden 5
18. Anabolism
19. Catabolism
20. Hypertrophy
21. DOMS
22. Boulders
23. Bro Science
24. Guns
25. Miring
26. Prepping
27. Tempo
28. PR or PB
29. HIIT
30. Iron Maiden
31. Plateaus
32. Juice
33. Macros
34. Butt wink
35. Tabata
36. Iron brother
37. Spare tire
38. Work off
39. Work out gear

Gym Slangs

1. Newbie
2. Pros
3. Aesthetics
4. Vascular
5. Swollen
6. Calisthenics
Muscles Names
1. Pecs
2. Lats
3. Traps
4. Delts
5. Tris
6. Bis
7. Quads
8. Hams
9. Abs
10. Glutes
11. Obliques
12. Rhomboid
13. Calves

Gym Equipments

1. Barbell
2. Cable
3. Dumbbell
4. Plates
5. Smith Machine
6. Stack
7. Spin
8. EZ bar
9. Clamps/ Clips / Grips
10. Row Machine
11. Kettle bells
12. Medicine ball
13 . Swiss ball
14. Rope
15. Arm blaster
16. D handles
17. Ankle cuffs
18. Barbell pads
19. Lat bar
20. Triceps pull extension bar
21. Abdomen binder
22. Ankle weights


1. Would you mind if I work in / get in?
2. Can I get a spot?
3. Go grab the EZ Bar, brother.
4. Do each superset until failure.
5. I’m just getting started.
Are you ??… lol?

We will soon be uploading a video comprising the nitty gritties of the session soon on our YouTube channel . Stay connected and subscribe to our channel ASAP. You can ask questions related to the Lingos in our discuss forum and we will respond to your respective queries.


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