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45 Best CrossFit & Functional Exercises with Tyre – Part-1

45 Crossfit Excecises

In recent years, the popularity of training types- Kick Boxing, MMA, Functional Training has exploded with many Celebrity Trainers, Athletes and Bollywood Film Stars.
After watching such movies, clients come to me and say- Sir I want ‘Brothers’ ‘Baaghi’ ‘Sultan’ & ‘ Mary Kom’ (Bollywood movies) kind of training schedule. They fantasize about being like them.

Finally I decided to make a CrossFit Workout setup. I hired a 2700 square feet hall above my gym. than ordered a 6 ft filled punch bag, kettle bells, medicine balls, parachute, ladders, TRX bends, 3 different sizes of tyres, 4 kgs & 7 kgs Hammers, Resistance bends etc.
Now my clients are satisfied and the results are even better. Most of them love to do workout with tyres even me too.

There are some tyre exercises I love most – Tyre flip, Tyre Dead-lifts, Sledge Hammer, farmer walk and Tyre drag. That’s why I thought to make a video of Tyre Exercises.

The advantage about using Tyres to train is you only need to be worried about space because the tyres are not that much expensive. I have five tyres (3 different sizes) at my gym and all of them cost me lesser than your weekend beer money.
Once you collected your tyres it’s time to start exercises with them.

Watch the video to know more about tyre exercises.

I assure you will love it.

There are a variety of exercises in the video that will challenge you in ways regular gym training can’t. If you perform in proper form & techniques, your strength and endurance can reach a level much higher than before.