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3 Amazing facts about Indian culture of sitting on the floor while eating

Why Do We Sit On The Floor While Eating

Our grandparents definitely had a reason to sit on the floor cross legged (SUKHANSANA – A yoga pose) and ate their food.

In Indian culture traditionally people eat their meals sitting on the floor. In western traditions, people adopted the dining table and chair as a place to eat. Hence many westerners people find it difficult to sit on the floor in the cross legged position. But this pose is more comfortable and the simplest sitting posture of Yoga.

“But people who has serious knee or hip injuries should avoid sit on the floor cross legged.”

Science and Ayurveda says, the idea of sit on the floor when eating is definitely the best thing for your health.

Here are some reasons for that –

  • More Comfortable – Sitting on the floor, cross legged is an Asna (pose) known as ‘Sukhasana’ or ‘Ardh Padmasana’. ‘Sukhasana’ comes from the Sanskrit word “sukham” which can mean ‘comfort’ ‘joyful’ ‘pleasure’ ‘easy’ etc. So it’s a very easy pose to sit.
  • Digestion – ‘Sukhasana’ helps in digestion. It is a better pose to make your food digest easily. It is believed that if you sit in this pose in front of food it automatically signals your brain to prepare for digestion.
  • Weight Loss – ‘Sukhasana’ has weight loss benefits too. The main reason people overeat because they don’t know when they are full.

When you sit in this position the ‘Vagus nerve’ is able to perform better. (The main nerve which regulates the digestive system. Vagus nerve like a walkie-talkie to signals from stomach to brain. It signals your brain if you feeling full or not.) It gives you time to cognate with the food you are eating, thereby preventing overeating.

Our new generation prefer to sit on sofa or bed, in front of TV and eat. But that is not good for health. ‘Sukhasana’ improves your postures also and makes your back flexible. This pose is too easy even for elderly people.