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11 Possible Reasons Why You are not Gaining Muscle Mass: Muscle Building Tips Here are few common mistakes you are making at gym while gaining muscle mass

The main motive for many behind opting for a workout or going to gym is to gain muscle mass. Your workout program play a vital role in building up your muscle mass. But many of us are not able to gain that muscle mass in spite of hard workout sessions. As a gym owner, I have concluded some common wrongs you may have been doing at the gym.

Neglecting Leg Workout

If you think, that just by doing upper body workout or focusing on arms only and neglecting leg workout will help you build your arms-muscles, is not right. Leg-muscles are part of big muscles of body working on these big muscles will in turn help you boost up testosterone level and this will help in overall muscle gain, even the arms muscles. So, neglecting leg workout is a possible for no muscle gain.

Using Smith Machines:

If you want to gain muscles and are stuck to smith machines, its not good choice. Because both of these do not go hand in hand. Smith machines being used for shoulder press, dead lifts , bench press or mainly for squats, will not help you in a long way. Stop using Smith Machines, NOW!

  • SQUATS – The isolation on the legs take the core out of the entire exercise which is essential to eliminating stress on the user’s knees. By focusing sole attention on the legs it puts too much pressure on the joints. In a freestanding squat the user’s core and lower back helps to eliminate this kind of pressure. The great thing about the smith machines are that they help with form and are great for beginners, but ultimately the price paid once you increase the weight and make steady progression just isn’t worth it. Once you learn the form it’s best to do the old fashioned freestanding squats and lift on a normal bench. Your body will thank you later.
  • BENCH PRESS – In order to reap the benefits of benching you’ll need to engage multiple muscle groups and use your entire body’s strength something the smith bench doesn’t offer. Old fashioned benching works best for overall results.

Either too heavy or too light weight lifts :

Men’s criteria – the more weight you lift the more muscle you gain. Well, this is TRUE. But while lifting heavy weights, make sure you are lifting the weights, not swinging. Also, Ego lifts should be avoided. As you should not lift heavy weights just to comfort your ego level! (Yes, this actually happens!)
On the other hand, going for light weights or ‘ cute dumbbells ’ (Yes, the pink one’s) is not helpful for muscle gain. Avoid using those.

Workout Obsessions of Arms:

Are you too obsessed with arms workout? If yes, then leave that obsession. Biceps are small muscle, you have to train them only once a week and workout on body as a whole and that might you in muscle gain.

No Intensity :

While working out, if you are in habit of taking long breaks and do a long chit-chats with your gym-mates. Then this may be affecting your muscle training and hence could be the reason for no muscle gain. “Stop talking start Work -outing!”

Trying to impress Girls ? :

If you are one of those who tries to impress girls at gym by weight-lifting with stupid forms. Then this could probably be the reason for you neither gaining muscles nor impression. as your concentration is on girls, not on your weight. 😀 !!

Over-Training :

Working out for hours and hours at gym ? Stop doing that. Because over-training is not going to help you build up your muscles, instead it will make you tired and dull.

Rest Day :

All workout and no rest is equally unhelpful as over-training. Stick to your exercise program or exercise for 1 or 2 days on a particular chart. Rest Day is very important. “All workout no rest, makes Jack a dull boy”

Trying to be ‘Milkha’ :

Yes, this is seriously related to your muscle gain process. If you aim at muscle building, then weight lifting is must. And cardio should be avoided as you don’t want to be like ‘Milkha’.

Changing Exercise program :

Give this a thought. In how much time do you change your exercise program ? Is it in months ? Or after 3-4 months ? Because both of these are incorrect. In either ways it will not affect your body much.

Can’t keep calm ? :

Can’t you keep calm to gain muscles ? Well, you must have patience for anything to show results. If you are expecting results too soon and are disappointed when you can see the same ? Anything takes time before showing off results. It’s a process, it takes time. So have patience and don’t be depressed at the very beginning.
To all my clients who keep asking, why I am not gaining muscle mass. This blog may be helpful to them.

53 thoughts on “11 Possible Reasons Why You are not Gaining Muscle Mass: Muscle Building Tips Here are few common mistakes you are making at gym while gaining muscle mass

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