Banana & Egg Together Is Dangerous!!! True or False? Rumours Are Death of a Young Man After Consuming Egg and Banana

Recently while scrolling through a Facebook page, I came across a video (ABP News) about consuming banana and egg in the stomach turns into a poison. This is completely a hoax.

Eating Banana with Eggs won’t take your life. This message is viral on WhatsApp and everywhere on social websites claiming someone died on eating banana after egg. Well, there has not been even such single case reported and on other hand there are hundreds of food recipes which are a combination of both like pancakes, muffins, banana smoothies etc …

You can find anything stupid at times on the internet and the internet will always answer your questions which you also don’t know its correct or not.

Both these foods are an essential diet of every human being. Banana which is rich in Potassium and egg which is rich in protein, how can these both healthy foods are toxic? The entire thing is nothing more than a rumour.

One thing you can keep in mind is that when you are eating that make sure that you examine both foods carefully for signs of decomposition, disease or discoloration. Make sure they are not rotten. If they smell or taste bad, then dump them in the dustbin, don’t eat them. Not only this combination is healthy but it’s also quick to eat. You should always be aware of the pros and cons of excessive eating of anything.. Anything which is healthy shouldn’t be eaten in excessive amount.

(This article does not provide any medical or legal advice. This site is for information purposes only.  Always seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition.)

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Seven Reasons We Are Grooving Over This Handsome Oh – So – Fit Tarun gill.

This guy changed our mind towards fitness and nutrition in very much better way. Heartthrob over social media in just nine months, this Delhi guy has brought real facts of indulging into healthy lifestyle and those abs to our eyes.

  1. Delhi guy, Tarun Gill has taken Internet on storm by lifting fitness level to some another standards with his revolutionary mind in just nine months.
  2. Style quotient packed fitness nutritionist is internationally certified and advanced personal trainer. Well not to forget, he has been handsome squash player in his college days.
  3. He has come to rescue for middle class people when buying proteins and other supplements. Hit to traungillfitness.com as he has intervent his food supplement brand with zero profit. {guys, take the shaker in hands 😉 }
  4. Breaking all the myths, he has done videos on youtube to our help. From injecting steroids, diet programs, work out regimes to post pregnancy weight loss for women. Folks, check out his videos for your not so serious issues.
  5. Apart from ocean full of knowledge with so dashing looks. He is one total package we get weak in our knees for. ( Ladies, he is man with brain and abs, wink – wink ❤)
  6. His uncanny way to talk, interviewing various influential fitness laid people gives us more clear idea of the craze for fitness we are obsessed with right now in india.
  7. Man in this industry for more than 10 years of knowledge and now subscribed by 3 million people on you tube. Well his hindi videos are everyone’s cup of tea breaking that English wala swag. He is surely some magic peeps.

I’m sure you don’t wanna miss on this Guy’s channel and other writings. I bet you are not going to look at the nutrition and gym in the same way again. What are you waiting for, lace up your shoes and hit that gym. We can’t wait to get fit with Gill effect on the go 😉


What If I Say, She Is 70 Years Old. 70 Yrs Old Australian Woman Quit Sugar for 28 years and the result is marvellous

When I will say age is just a number, You will definitely going to agree with me after seeing these pictures. This grandma of four, is giving us some serious fitness goals. At the age of 70, what will you expect from someone?

Well, we know what our expectations are, and this women have just proved us wrong. She says she is very particular about her eating habits. She haven’t eaten sugar for 28 years and eats lot of such nutrients which keep her skin perfect.

You are what you eat” clearly this is true. And if you don’t believe me, just check these out.


Well seventy-years-old Carolyn Hartz is a true motivation for all of us.


An Honest Review About Herbalife Nutrition Do not buy before you read this article

Few months ago when I was scrolling my Facebook timeline, I was shocked to see a post from one of my clients that was – ‘Lose weight now, ask me how.’ Then I noticed that his profile name has been changed from ‘xyz’ to ‘Fitness coach xyz.’ I thought how could it be possible if someone become Fitness expert in just a few days. Yes, he was a Herbalife Distributor and here  I am talking about ‘Herbalife Nutrition’

While Herbalife may be an effective NUTRITION tool, few people are getting results from that and few are not. A bunch of people have satisfactory results while many clients come to me and ask “I am taking weight loss shake, but still not receiving expected output.”

Many queries asked by clients includes:

  • Is Herbalife effective or not?
  • Are Herbalife products good for health?
  • Does Herbalife really help to lose weight?
  • Are Herbalife products safe or not?

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Does Creatine Loading Really Helps? Right Guidance On Creatine Loading Dosage

Creatine loading is basically increasing the level of creatine in body. Our body produces 1 gm of creatine which is not sufficient to meet the overall creatine need. So, to increase that, one has to look for a creatine supplement. Loading phase saturate the muscles with increased creatine level.

There are basically two methods of consuming creatine

Method 1: The Creatine loading dosage (is 20gm of creatine per day for 5 days only) to be taken at intervals (5gm each 4 times a day) and then maintenance phase (3-5 gm per day) is required to fill the gaps, which begins after loading phase i. e. from 6th day.

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Would a tattoo give you more motivation?

We live in an age where health and fitness is everywhere and social media is filled with pictures and posts about the latest workout trend.

Even tattoos are finding their way into the lives of fitness people. With people more fitness focused are inspired by tattoos: it can be a motivating motto wretched on your chest or wrapped around your arm.

Tattoos have meanings or represent some very important moments about one’s life. The spot where the tattoo is placed also has a symbolic meaning. Not only are these tattoos have their own inspiring message and are the perfect way to express your values and stand out from the crowd. Tattoos are an awesome way to get motivated and inspired; they’re with you 24 hours-a-day and are a permanent reminder to keep going. Whether it’s a tattoo to promote a discipline and dedicated lifestyle or one to keep you motivated .Fitness tattoos remind you that when the times are tough you’ve simply got to feel the burn.

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Shilpa Shetty Performed Yoga And Shared Tips at an Event in Jaipur The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch and leave with a lot more

I have been into fitness since 9 years and I love my profession and I am fully dedicated towards my work. It’s actually not my source of earning money but my passion. In Jaipur there was a Yoga event for two days (Saturday and Sunday) by Shilpa Shetty Kundra with her Guru. I couldn’t able to attend Saturday event due to my busy work Schedule so I attended only Sunday session. Shilpa Shetty shared some Yoga tips at an event in Jaipur at SMS INVESTMENT GROUND. There was a huge gathering. I think this session had given a great platform to promote Fitness to such a large global audience. Shilpa Shetty performed Yoga and shared tips to keep the body healthy. She asked the participants to practice Yoga daily in the morning and have good eating habits. At this age also (41 years old actress) relies on healthy diet and yoga for her perfect figure and health. She is so energetic. She told Yoga keeps our body peaceful, free from stress, improves posture, flexibility and helps in balancing. She told every movement of yoga should be performed by feeling it.


The yoga requires a lot of stamina and dedication. She also told that those who are suffering from any kind of disease, like diabetes or back problem needs to practice yoga regularly. Post 30’s, most women usually start to age much faster. They start to develop wrinkles. They start to easily gain weight. And the body starts to become weak. But then there are still those celebrities who still manage to stay gorgeous and fit at such age. Nothing, be it age, pregnancy or weight seems to affect them like Shilpa who reduced lots of weight after her pregnancy.

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85 Fitness Words You Should Know – Basic Gym and ExcerciseTerminology Gym terminologies you need to know to feel like a full fledged gym citizen

As you all know, B2 Zone organised an uncommon and exceptional workshop,  “Gym Lingos”, on Sunday, 26th March’17. The workshop was conducted by the Founder – Director of Magnum Opus, a language and communication skill training centre, Shikha Vinayak – a young educator, who has been giving a talk on language for 6 years and with her dynamics instils the love for learning amongst the students. The lady with a substantive industry experience in language, developed a unique blended highlights in various genres of gym, that gives not only a trainee but a trainer also a truly customised and multi-modal learning experience.
Gym Lingos” – the language or the terminologies we use at gym which make us feel like full fledged gym citizens. The event was attended by not only gym-goers but many students and trainers as well who were keen to learn the gym language.  It was an informative workshop consisting of all the key terms one can use at the gym. The 2 hours session was brimmed over with zeal and zest throughout as it insisted on enlightening not only theoretical, but a practical approach on the subject . We always try to bring something new to you. So it was another something held for First Time in Bhilwara. For those who attended and even those who couldn’t make it to the event, we here bring you a brief glance of the session underneath :

Body Goals

1. Cut
2. Fit
3. Shredded
4. Jacked
5. Ripped
6. 6 pack abs
7. Athlete
8. Muscular

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Top 5 Healthy Morning Breakfast Drinks for Weight Loss At Home The 5 super morning drinks you can consume in order to lose weight and remain hydrated all through the day.

When we think about a healthy diet, the question is from where should we begin? It’s not easy to leave our Indian spicy food and switch to those salads all of a sudden. So, where we can begin is from choosing a habit of drinking these super morning drinks. What morning habits we Indians have is that, we consume tea or coffee as soon as we get up. Which is not right because with this we are consuming lots of calories early morning. Also, caffeine intake empty stomach is one habit which you should never get into. But instead of that, we can switch to some weight loss drinks which are advised to take ’empty stomach’. The drinks we are mentioning here helps boosting metabolism instantly. Like if you fall in a habit of consuming these daily, you will feel the change. They remove toxins from your body and are well known for being antioxidant agents or work as detox drinks. They give an antispasmodic effect. That is, they suppress hunger cravings and let your stomach muscles relax. Which in turn lets you consume less calories and lose weight. I have suggested this to many of my clients and the one’s who are regular at it, feels more energetic and loved this habit.

We are also telling you the basic method which will help you consume them on the go.

#1 Lemon Water:

Boil one glass of water . Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Let it become lukewarm and then consume the same.

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15 Minutes Weight Loss Workout for Beginners at Home – Day 2 Best Exercise at Home - Free Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

We introduced you to series of workout in our last blog which was based on workout circuit at home. The series included workout video for Day 1 and Day 4 of the week. It was the first video out of the 3 video series. In case you missed it, check the video here on YouTube.

Now, we bring you the second video of the series which is, again based on 15 minutes workout circuit at home for beginners. This video is to be performed on Day 2 and Day 5 of the week. Continue your workout routine at home with the help of this video.

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